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HOWLITE & SODALITE Manifesting Energy Bracelet

HOWLITE & SODALITE Manifesting Energy Bracelet

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Benefits of HOWLITE

Use Howlite when needing to reduce anxiety, tensions, and stress. Howlite can also be used to facilitate awareness, encourage emotional expression, and assist in the elimination of pain, stress, and/or rage.

Benefits of SODALITE

Releases old conditioning and programming. Stone for Inspiration. Boost mental performance and enhances our willpower, giving us extra motivation to reach our goals. Helps one in communicating. Promotes peace and harmony. Aids in deeper spiritual understanding and guidance.

**Please be advised that Zentola Manifesting Energy Bracelets are made from natural stones of the earth, therefore colors and shapes of stone bracelets (that you purchase) may vary from those pictured on website**