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Mirror Me/Time Kit
Mirror Me/Time Kit
Mirror Me/Time Kit
Mirror Me/Time Kit
Mirror Me/Time Kit

Mirror Me/Time Kit

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The Mirror Me/Time Kit is designed to enhance your journey and provide you with the resources you need for successful Me/Time sessions! 

The kit contains:

  • 4 Mirror ADD-Ons (Affirmation Daily Decals)
  • A phone holder for your mirror (via super strong suction)
  • A phone holder for your countertop
  • A black marker
  • Wipes (to re-use affirmation decals)


 The unique feature of the ADD/on decals is that they are self-customizable. Each decal starts with "I AM ________," allowing you to write your personalized affirmation word. These decals are not only removable (no sticky mess!) and repositionable, but they're also reusable! A simple wipe with hand sanitizer or alcohol wipes prepares the decal for your next use.


Set up your Me/Time Kit as follows:

1. Place Decals: Affix one ADD/on decal in each of the four corners of your mirror. These decals serve as your daily affirmations, starting with “I AM ________.” Using the marker provided, write your 4 most desired affirmations on each of the decals.

2. Phone Holder: Attach the phone holder to your mirror (via the suction cup) and/or place the additional phone holder onto your bathroom counter. This hands-free device will make it easier to follow along with the Me/Time sessions. Please use whichever device works best for your space.

3. Have your wipes on hand for whenever you decide to change your affirmation words.