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ZEN LOVE Water Bottle & Tea Infuser

ZEN LOVE Water Bottle & Tea Infuser

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Created by Zenergy Master, Zentola, and inspired by Dr. Emotoʼs water discovery, this bottle was crafted to help you to directly infuse gratitude and love into your drinking water daily!

 Words are powerful, especially words of gratitude and love because they have the ability to positively affect your water.

 Just by water simply sitting in this bottle, labeled with “Love,” creates a high vibration inside the water.

 Also, when you intentionally speak high vibrational words such as “thank you” and “I love you” to your water, you transfer that energy directly into the water, which then allows you to consume the high vibrations of the words when you drink it.

This is because high vibrational words can penetrate the water, causing its molecular structure to transform into a higher vibration of Gratitude and Love.

We are what we speak! Speak love, Drink Love!

For more information, check out “Amplify Your Water” on page 222 of the ZenergyMe Journal.


Specs: Stainless Steel Bottle holds 25oz, Includes separate tea infuser (inside the bottle)